RD News Now Article

I’m so very proud to be going down to Dar a Luz Honduras with some great gals! Laura Gauthier and Chelsea Bootsman spoke to rdnewsNOW - Everything Red Deer and it’s a great article! If you want to learn more or support the Doulas on a Mission connect with them at Doulasonamission@gmail.com Deanna Daniels Christa… Continue reading RD News Now Article

Article in Three Hills Capital

It is such an honour to be planning a trip with so many incredible women! There are many who have been helping with the details behind the scenes too which is much appreciated. This filled my heart to be featured in Deanna Daniels​ article in the Three Hills Capital! Wow! One of the other lovely… Continue reading Article in Three Hills Capital

Global News Radio Interview- What is a Doula?

||| Global News Radio Interview ||| I am soooooo EXCITED to share this link with you in case you missed it. So what exactly is a Doula, how can Doulas help families, and what exactly is this trip to Honduras about? These were all questions Zack with the Alberta Morning News asked us on Global… Continue reading Global News Radio Interview- What is a Doula?

Red Deer Doula Association Doulas in Express Paper

Being a part of this group is a true pleasure! Here’s an article about our trip! In case you haven’t seen this, here is our Honduras Doula Group’s first article from our push for press releases last week with the help of Amber Booth! Thank you to Deanna Daniels for helping write the press release.… Continue reading Red Deer Doula Association Doulas in Express Paper

75% to Total Goal

75% that is getting super super close to total goal! I’m working on getting that last $1000 and then if I raise extra we are going to help purchase some more substantial medical supplies and education tools for Dar a Luz Honduras! How can you help? Ideas? Currently there are a few things I’m working… Continue reading 75% to Total Goal

Donations of Bottles

This tally from collecting bottles brings me about $1000 away from my goal! We are getting closer everyday to bringing support to women in Honduras who have limited help, resources, options or guidance except from the incredible organization of Dar a Luz Honduras who organizes Doulas like us to come share our passion and be… Continue reading Donations of Bottles

Support equal Cuddles

I am so grateful for the incredible support of this trip I have received over the Christmas Holidays. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ So because of the generosity of so many incredible people and all the bottles I collected I have reached an amazing portion of my goal! ✍️✍️✍️ Which means I’ll be finding out what other needs and… Continue reading Support equal Cuddles

Friends & Family

Today was a big day for some of us in this opportunity, as today a group of us BOOKED OUR FLIGHTS! A trip like this is not possible without the support of so many people! And I’ve been truly blessed to have some incredible Donations come in from family and friends over the holidays and… Continue reading Friends & Family

Continue Forward on this Journey

The Journey continues! When I started this fundraiser I was testing to see if it would Even be a possibility, and I’ve been completely blown away by the support! So this page that started as a maybe has turned into so much more and now I continue moving ahead as I work to raise the… Continue reading Continue Forward on this Journey

Overwhelmed, overjoyed, nervous and all of the emotions!

Wow! Thank you! I am so blown away by the support I have received in a short time! Thanks to some incredible people I’m already over half way to my flight cost of $1500! Thank you to Crystal, Alana, Carissa, Lieke, Ayesha, Kevin, Charles and Ruth, Renee, and so many others who have offered support… Continue reading Overwhelmed, overjoyed, nervous and all of the emotions!