About Me

My name is Christa Duquette and I’ve done many wonderful things in my life, the best so far is being a mom and farm wife. But I’ve been fortunate to add another wonderful thing to my life; Doula Services. It’s a calling and a passion that I’ve discovered I am meant to pursue. Attending births and supporting families during this momentous event is truly an honour. It is such a beautiful occasion to witness and it brings me great joy to help support clients in the way they desire.

I am a Certified Birth Doula with DONA International, a Trained Childbirth Educator and Certified Bereavement Doula with StillBirthday. I took my first Training  in February of 2012 when I was expecting my third child. I completed my DONA Birth Doula Certification in April of 2014, am a Certified Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypno-Doula and completed the Stillbirthday Certification in July 2016. I also took Childbirth Education through Lamaze International in 2017 and have recently been enjoying the opportunity to share my passion for birth teaching prenatal education classes as an instructor for Pathways Prenatal based out of Red Deer.

I have three children, two daughters and a little boy. Together with my Husband we live east of Olds on a mixed family Farm where we raise cattle and crops and hope to one day pass the farm onto our children whom will be the 5th generation to work the land.

I am a proud member of the Red Deer Doula Association as well as having served as a Volunteer through the Doula Program at Olds Hospital and with the Pregnancy Care Centre in Olds, helping to reach more people who would like Doula services.

Supporting a family in their autonomy during pregnancy, birth and postpartum is an important part of doula work. I believe in having choice and as such at this time, I myself have made the choice to wait on vaccination for Covid-19. I have not received any shots for this and understand this may limit my ability to support some families. As always I respect others in their decisions and within my own life I work to be respectful of mandates such as masking and minimizing interactions. It is my goal to be transparent and communicate clearly with all my clients so that they can express their own level of comfort regarding my services.

It is a blessing to be able to do this work. I truly feel fortunate every time I attend a birth and share in that intimate experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Christa L Duquette CD(DONA), SBD, HCHD – Labour/Birth Doula, Hypno-Doula      

                                    Olds, AB  ~~ 403-507-1267~~ duquette.cd@gmail.com






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