Friends & Family

Today was a big day for some of us in this opportunity, as today a group of us BOOKED OUR FLIGHTS!

A trip like this is not possible without the support of so many people! And I’ve been truly blessed to have some incredible Donations come in from family and friends over the holidays and some very wonderful past clients. Plus I’ve had offers to help with supplies too and soon I’ll have a bottle drive tally too.

But a trip like this is so much more then monetary support. There are people beside me who I could not make this possible without.

It’s my spouse who agrees to let me leave the kids with him, my parents who will help with their grandkids while I’m away, some incredible aunts and uncles who happily spend time with our family, my father in law helping dean on the farm, neighbours lending a helping hand with the farm stuff if needed, a best friend whose house is as much a home for my family as our own and friends who will pray and think of me as I travel.

Today I want to recognize that group of people who are here, surrounding me in a circle of support alongside all of the rest of you!

Thank you so very much!

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