75% to Total Goal

75% that is getting super super close to total goal!

I’m working on getting that last $1000 and then if I raise extra we are going to help purchase some more substantial medical supplies and education tools for Dar a Luz Honduras!

How can you help? Ideas?
Currently there are a few things I’m working on:
Bellydance and Wine night in Olds.
Drop in Bellydance class at The Forum Inc.in Red Deer.
Homemade Apple Pie Presale.

And continuing:
Epicure Fundraiser till month End.
Bottles and Cans.
Cash or monetary donations through etransfer or fb donation.

Also in the works for our group is a: March Norwex Fundraiser.
April The Canadian Brewhouse event and silent auction.

So much great stuff happening!

Truly the support and generosity has been overwhelming. I still have moments where I’m in Awe with the possibility of all this and because of you! Thank you so very much!


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