Thankful for Reflection

As I catch up on rest and let my mind process, I can't help but think how very grateful and thankful I am to have had this experience and to have such amazing friends and family. I reflect, our group continues to connect also reflecting on the time there, I think of all the mamas… Continue reading Thankful for Reflection

Moving Through

Over half way in this week of service and the work has been a raw and beautiful gift with so many emotions. As the first few shifts are complete we work to find our feet. To learn how to support these incredible women. This is the hardest we have ever worked as doulas and our… Continue reading Moving Through

Article in Three Hills Capital

It is such an honour to be planning a trip with so many incredible women! There are many who have been helping with the details behind the scenes too which is much appreciated. This filled my heart to be featured in Deanna Daniels​ article in the Three Hills Capital! Wow! One of the other lovely… Continue reading Article in Three Hills Capital

Friends & Family

Today was a big day for some of us in this opportunity, as today a group of us BOOKED OUR FLIGHTS! A trip like this is not possible without the support of so many people! And I’ve been truly blessed to have some incredible Donations come in from family and friends over the holidays and… Continue reading Friends & Family

Looking for a Certified Doula in Olds, AB and area?

It may be summer time, but some mamas out there might be searching for a Certified Doula for their upcoming birth this fall or later in the year. My name is Christa Duquette and I am certified with DONA International. I  attended births in Olds,AB, Three Hills,AB, and Red Deer,AB. I am also a certified… Continue reading Looking for a Certified Doula in Olds, AB and area?