I can not say Thank You enough to my past clients. It is such an honour to serve and share with these families, and I feel truly blessed to have been with each and everyone of my clients. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love!! Blessings to all of you. Your support of this passion means so much! – Christa L. Duquette

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From easing my fears around childbirth by answering questions and your reassurance to a sense of relief and calm coming over my Hospital room when you arrived (my Husband and Sister both said the same thing, we were all so relieved when you got there) and to helping through the labour and delivery, you were SO wonderful thru it all and I don’t feel it would have gone as it did without you. I’m so glad you came recommended to me and that you were were there to assist us and share in the birth of our son. I hope you’re available in the future when we add to our family because we’ll definitely need you there again! Ps. After you left the Hospital the Nurse commented on how great she thought you were. – Sarah

Being pregnant this year has brought many uncertainties and more nervousness than normal. Christa was our constant supporter no matter how we felt on any given day. She kept herself and us up to date on the current regulations surrounding Covid-19 protocols and continued to ground us reassuring that everything would work out beautifully in its own way.

During these times we didn’t know if Christa would be able to be physically present with us. Despite those uncertainties her support didn’t waver. She continued to be able to adapt and create multiple plans dependent on the regulations. Continuing to assure us she would still be there for us however it looked.

She is compassionate, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Christa, she did a fantastic job and we wouldn’t have done it any other way! -Megan

Christa it was absolutely amazing in helping get me through the most difficult and amazing experiences in my life!! She was so supportive and made sure that I listened to my gut and felt empowered through the whole experience. I have no regrets about my birth, even though it did not go the way I wanted it to. My birth was very long and she was by my side the whole time and never complained or showed signs of exhaustion even though it was a full day and a half that she was there with me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to a Doula or not since my husband is very supportive and we both have medical backgrounds, but there is no way that I would’ve been as happy with my birth experience and I would have her again in a heartbeat!!  Soooo helpful!! And the pictures she takes are amazing! I treasure them so much and the way she captured our faces when we were there so full of joy is absolutely priceless!!  – Hayley

Having Christa Duquette as a Doula with both our children was a wonderful experience for us! She is fantastic and helped make the births everything we wanted. My husband and I so appreciate her support. My labours wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without her loving caring advice. We would highly recommend Christa, and are so grateful for her help before, during and after birth. She is such a blessing, we are definitely going to be calling on her again if we have more children.-Justin and Carissa

I was extremely nervous about giving birth, Christa calmed me down, knew positions that would help make my contractions feel more manageable. As well as made me feel at ease about the way my delivery was going. She made this terrifying fear of mine into an accomplishment. From simply getting water to the ways of breast feeding. Brent and I Thank you so much Christa. ❤️ – Amy

I didn’t think that birth could be beautiful especially after the first experience I had with my first daughter. But after the birth of my second my opinion has completely changed. I am forever grateful that we had Christa there with us to welcome our second daughter into the world. Having an outside perspective who is on your side makes a huge difference during labor. Knowing that I had someone who was educated and had my best interest in mind helped keep me at ease. this birth has completely changed my view labor and birth and has taken my fear associated with that away. I had a beautiful experience and everything I dreamed of and more. I feel confident that I could do it again if I chose to have another baby.  I would recommend Christa to absolutely everyone who is expecting. Having a christa as my doula helped calm my fears I had during my pregnancy allowing me to enjoy more of my pregnancy. She helped educate me on my choices and reminded me that I had support. I even birth my second in the position I had dreamed of doing with my first. This birth helped remove the trauma I had from my first experience. I can’t thank Christa enough for supporting me and educating me in my decisions on my birth experience. truly a beautiful experience and if we ever decided to have another this Is the route that I would take. And would be honored to have her as our doula again. – Kelsy

Christa Duquette was our doula for the birth of our son on September 4, 2013. I can’t express enough what an amazing support she was to my husband and I, not only during the birth but for weeks before and after. Many phone calls before gave us support and answers to our questions as we went well past our due date. Being our first child we had many questions about natural childbirth and Christa was a wealth of helpful information. During labour Christa was the perfect support to my husband and I. After we came home with our beautiful baby boy, Christa came to visit and brought a lovely birth story she had written for us! What a wonderful keepsake to remember such a special day!- Cheri & Ernie

Thank you so much for your generous support – we appreciated all you did for us – You were the perfect voice inside my head helping me get through the contractions and a wonderful addition to Ernie’s support. – Cherilee

Christa was amazing, she was a wealth of knowledge and support for my wife and I. This was our first child and I couldn’t imagine going through this experience without her. Her support before, during, and after the birth of our beautiful daughter was outstanding. I can’t thank her enough, she truly made our birth experience a positive one!  Thank you Christa! – Tanner

Having Christa present at the birth of our child was extremely helpful.  As a dad who has gone through this process twice before (it has been 5 years since the 6 hour pre-natal class I took) I was relieved to have a doula present so that we could have an ally and expert coach in the delivery room with us.  I found it extremely helpful and reassuring that there was someone there who could help my wife with breathing and laboring techniques and I could focus on being there as my wife’s partner and best friend.  I wish we had a doula for our first two kids!  Christa was extremely competent, professional, friendly and was really good at her job.  A true asset.  I was impressed with her interactions with the medical staff.  Very respectful and collaborative.  I was very impressed and would highly recommend Christa to any seeking a doula for their next birth. – Nick

Christa Duquette Doula was a terrific doula! She not only helped me, but helped out my fiance Jason and my mom by answering questions they had. If it weren’t for her helping me focus on my breathing and reassuring everyone along the way, I’m sure my experience would have been not so great. She is amazing! After all, she did help out another mommy the day before and I’m sure she was exhausted, but very, very strong! Yay for doulas!!! – Amberly

Thank you Christa!:) thank you for the amazing job you did encouraging me – Carissa 

Support is all I need. The support was incredible, Christa was amazing. I will recommend her services to all my friends who become pregnant in the future. – Tina

Wow!! Christa is an AMAZING doula!! We felt very blessed to have her participate in the labor and birth of our daughter and her niece. She made a great effort in helping us in preparing for the birth and then at the delivery. Christa was very attentive to my needs, she got me water, talked to me with her quiet reassuring voice telling me I was doing great and I would make it. She helped my husband by giving him ideas to comfort me, if it was the way to hold my hips or massage techniques and gave him praise that he was doing it right. We had quite a few moments where my husband and I had to make some tough decisions. Christa was right there to make sure we understood what our options were, helping us to ask the right questions and making sure my husband and I were given time to talk about things alone. Our final decision was to have a c section. It was not in our birth plan but sometimes we can’t be in control. She took time to pray with us and give us some reassurance that it is ok. My husband chose not to go in the OR and without Christa being there I would have been alone. She is a rock and a strength when you feel like you are falling. We also have great pictures of our first moments together with Hannah thanks to Christa. She was not only our doula to us but a sister and a friend and we want to thank her for everything she did for our family. – Rachelle and Kevin

I had always wanted to be a mother but was so scared to actually give birth to a baby, so scared that I had huge anxiety around this throughout my pregnancy until I met Christa when I was about 28 weeks along.  She was the first Doula that I actually had met with in my search and I knew that after spending a short amount of time with her that she would be the one to help me through giving birth (which was fastly approaching).  She listened to all of my fears, responded with kindness and compassion as well as taught me so much around what was going to happen and what I could expect when it was “time”, my anxiety levels slowly went down after each meeting with her.  At exactly 38 weeks I was induced on a Saturday morning, I went home and rested and was back at the Hospital by 4pm, things were getting pretty intense and anxiety levels were high, when Christa showed up a short time later it was like a calm came over the room (my Husband, Sister and close friend will all say the same thing), she knew what to do and we let her lead the way (I had this idea in my head that you had to labour in bed, well I did not get onto the bed until it was time to actually push).  I ended up giving birth very fast and without the epidural that I was so sure I would have, had Christa not been there I am sure that things would not have gone so smoothly.  She took beautiful pictures in the delivery room as soon as he was born, memories that we will be able to look at forever.  Christa stayed until she knew we were okay, gave us time to settle into home and then came to visit us twice bringing with her a birth story and timeline of events from labour (was surprised at how much I had forgotten).  We had the BEST experience with Christa and she will be one of the first people I call when I get pregnant again bc I’ll just have to have her with us again.

WE LOVE YOU CHRISTA – Sarah and Mike

**All posts with the permission of the clients.**


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