Global News Radio Interview- What is a Doula?

||| Global News Radio Interview |||

I am soooooo EXCITED to share this link with you in case you missed it.

So what exactly is a Doula, how can Doulas help families, and what exactly is this trip to Honduras about? These were all questions Zack with the Alberta Morning News asked us on Global News Radio 770 CHQR​.

Listen to 3 Doulas including myself as we answer his questions and share about this work! It’s a great 9mins to listen to and I’m so very proud of the other doulas as well. Kaitlyn Boese​ amd Deanna Daniels​. I think it turned out pretty great!!

Also on 630 CHED​.

Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to share!

Global New Radio Interview with Deanna, Christa and Kaitlyn

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