Red Deer Doula Association Doulas in Express Paper

Being a part of this group is a true pleasure! Here’s an article about our trip!

In case you haven’t seen this, here is our Honduras Doula Group’s first article from our push for press releases last week with the help of Amber Booth!

Thank you to Deanna Daniels for helping write the press release.

Thank you to Shelby Story and Chelsea Bootsman for calming me down when frantically trying to coordinate photos to submit… sent 8… she only picked one…  but it’s a good one!

Even though this group is not directly a RDDA initiative, its still a a nice opportunity to spread the word about Doulas and Doula work.

Thank You!

Hopefully we will get a link to the radio interview soon too from Global News Radio 770 CHQR.

The Central Alberta women will be working in two hospitals during their trip, which, they’ve been told, have around 50 babies being delivered in a day. Red Deer Doula Association

Express Article – Members of the Red Deer Doula Association Head to Honduras to Help




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