Li’l Apple Birth Doula Services

The services included in my current package:

  • Face to Face no-obligation interview
  • 2-3 Prenatal visits to discuss birth wishes.
  • Unlimited support throughout Pregnancy and into early postpartum via phone, text or email.
  • On call 24-7 for two weeks before your due date until the baby arrives.
  • Labour support for the entire duration of labour, from the time you invite me to join you until after baby has fed and everyone is settled.
  • Emotional support for the overall experience of birth through reassurance, encouragement and team work with your team present.
  • Guidance with comfort measures and techniques for physical labour support.
  • Basic memories captured if possible.
  • Provide a Back-up Doula in case it is required on rare occasions.
  • 1-2 Postpartum visits to review birth and answer any questions.
  • 1st latch and fresh newborn Breastfeeding Assistance (Basic)

To request information on cost of services please contact me. Fees are payable as 50% deposit due at signing of contract and the remaining 50% due before your due date*

Deposit covers prenatal visits and secures your place in my schedule of 3-4 clients monthly. This Deposit acts as a non-refundable retainer fee.

Extra Travel fees for services outside of Olds will be added as discussed at your no-obligation interview.

*Payment plans available and I am also open to negotiation and bartering. My passion is to make sure that every mother who wants a Doula can have one regardless of their situation.

My services are complimentary if you are under 18 and looking for support for your pregnancy and birth. Special arrangements have also been set up for clients referred to me through the CAPCC. Please contact me if you are looking for this service.

~~~Surrender, Let Go and Give In~~~Respect & Trust your body enough to give it the control. ~~~~~   C.Duquette

A postpartum cuddle with a sweet little babe! A postpartum cuddle with a sweet little babe!

***NEW Birth and Bereavement Certified SBD***

Newly certified through StillBirthday as a Birth and Bereavement Doula. Please visit my new website for more information and resources for this service.

The services provided are unique for every situation as each has different needs. I come along side to provide you with what you wish and adjust my services as required.

For Bereavement Services  I provide:

  •  In home visits for listening and discussion.
  • Labour support for birth in any trimester with any outcome.
  • Resources and options to local and online supports.
  • Bereavement and Loss support before, during and after as you desire.
  • Photography and mementos captured.
  • Support group facilitation for parents, family, friends and care providers.
  • NICU support

Services are provided for a donation towards Caring Arms, a fund which I will use to help reach those whom need the support of a Doula in their journey of Bereavement or Birth. Donations can be made in memorial.


Dancing for Birth™  Blessings

Mother Blessings or Baby Showers will fill with colour and laughter as everyone shares in the joy of movement and Dance to wish the new mother well.

  • Want to bring  surprise fun to the day?
  • Or get everyone up and moving with some jingly coin scarves?
  • This is a great way to add to a celebration that is fun for everyone and one that they will remember.

Cost to book $50 -$100 depending on length of session.

  • Why: My passion for being a Doula pulled me away from my other passion of Bellydance. I previously taught beginner and intermediate Bellydance classes and professionally danced with a troupe in Airdrie, and knew the benefits of Bellydance for pregnant moms, but my growth as a Birth Doula pulled me in a new direction until now that is!

Finally a class that combines both my passions allowing me to share even more information and benefits of Dance and Childbearing to women like you.













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