Moving Through

Over half way in this week of service and the work has been a raw and beautiful gift with so many emotions.

As the first few shifts are complete we work to find our feet. To learn how to support these incredible women.

This is the hardest we have ever worked as doulas and our bodies and our minds and our souls are tired. A sign of a good day of work, and our hearts fill with gratitude that we are here. I see gratefulness in the eyes of the women whose hand I hold, or who accepts a cold cloth. Simple gestures that mean show care.

Then there are hurdles as our group works to navigate how intense this work has been, and facing difficult situations in our shifts and we do our best to process, sort and solve. Take deep breaths, laugh, cry and hope. Trust. Pray. Forgive. Eat food and share wine.

Today we join as a group to take a day off together to see the beautiful country side of Honduras and the Ocean, a very special treat we did not think we would get to experience. It will be refreshing and glorious and I look forward to the way the waves will wash over our feet and then fill my heart.

Every women we have served, I hope has felt the care and compassion that flows from each of team members in this amazing group.

Through each day and shift we work we remind ourselves what a unique opportunity this has been. We hope Dat A Luz Honduras has felt a loving and beautiful impact from our group through all the good, successes, sadness, challenges, hurdles and joy as we move through the week.

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