Last Day

The moments shared through soft smiles and a hand squeeze,

The gentle encouragement and the physical work,

The tears of sadness, and the tears of joy,

The cuddles and congratulations and the connection that surpasses language,

The last day is here are we have been as touched by these women and all the people here in Honduras as we hope they have been touched by us.

We soak in their smiles as the welcome us and thank us with a big smile. gracias they quietly say when we share congratulations “felicidades bebe perfecto!” Together we have supported over a hundred women and witnessed the birth of sooo many babies, and where there was worry, we often soon would see joy.

The compassionate care we have been able to share with these women through Dar a Luz Honduras has been so amazing. Our hearts have held so much for them and we have truly seen so much love this week.

Emotionally we are charged and yet drained at the same time. We are exhausted and excited both in the same moment. We have laughed and cried together simultaneously. Our group has been on a roller coaster of ups and downs, with great highs and lows, as the week has been an intensity like none other.

As we head into this last day of service we are a strong team once again. I am soooo very very proud of every single member of this team! They have each brought so much, and shown so much love and worked harder then they have ever done before both physically and mentally. My heart bursts with pride as I think about what this group took on this week and how we have come out on the other side. Through tears and laughter we have pushed through. Sometimes it was so very hard to do that; and there is a strength that came from inside too. We are grateful to have had this incredible opportunity through all the hurdles and all the successes and we bring our hearts and our hands one more time to the women of Honduras to share our love.

Truly what a difficult and yet so satisfying week this has been.

Hold us in your hearts once more as we prepare to have one more shift of service.

Your love from a far has kept us going I know. Thank you!!

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