Heading Home

We pack our bags and share hugs all around. We cry, we laugh, we frantically shove stuff in suitcases. We finalize all the details of our time here and we prepare for a long day of travel.

Our hearts feel like they are pulled between two places. We are so grateful to have been able to share in care and compassion with the women, babies, families and staff at the Hospital here in Tegucigalpa. On the other hand our hearts are excited to see our loved ones once again.

We were touched by so many people who were so grateful that we would share with them, and we are heading home with hearts that our full.

We currently sit together sharing a meal as we await our final flight and I feel so honoured to have shared the amazing, Wild, busy and beautiful week with theses women.

Adios Honduras. Thank you Dar a Luz Honduras for having us and allowing us to share our passion.

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