Facing the Unknown

Travel day is done now with 3 different flights in 24 hours and a very cheerful landing in Tegucigalpa Airport!

Sooo many bags! But we made it through with all of them to the hot and humid outside where we quickly asked for the A/C to be turned on in our transportation vehicle.

Everything feels new on a trip like this in the first few days. The drive, the hotel, the air, the rain, the flowers, the people, the language and we face so much in such a short time.

After we arrived we jumped right in and had a incredible meeting with the director of Dar a Luz Honduras. We learned much about what she has done here for maternal health and how we will be working over the next week. It will be intense, and inspiring and hard and so special. It is an honour to work with her in this organization and to help her.

Some of us were nervous and anxious this morning when getting ready to go to the hospital as we faced many new and different things. A new place and space. Facing the unknown can feel that way sometimes, but once we arrived and with the amazing help of Silvia giving us a tour, facing the unknown began to feel less scary and we prepared to serve with care and compassion!

This is a beautiful and also very complicated journey we are on together while facing so much in such a short time.

Love to all!

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