Deep Breaths

Breathing, thinking, planning, wondering, letting go, Deep breaths!

I sit here tonight looking at all the suitcases and my lists and trying to remember if I’ve remembered everything, but also reminding myself that really all that truly matters is that we show up, ready to work and care and help no matter how many suitcases we have.

Bringing all these donations is so incredible! They will be very appreciated but more then anything the most important thing we will pack is our hearts.

We also are aware that things could be different then we anticipate as the country has seen some changes in health care and even protests are happening. I read news with caution, but also I am in such awe at the group of ladies going that I know we will exercise care and safety and be strong together. We will stick together, help each other, look out for each other, pray with each other, and breathe deep with each other! There will be laughter, joy, sadness, fear, Excitement and so so much more.

In just a few days I will be in a different country encouraging women to breathe deep, but today I’m reminding myself to breathe deep right here, right now. To soak in the anticipation, the organization, the time with my family, spring on the farm, and the endless support of everyone who made this possible.

The days went by and the time is almost here. I can hardly believe it!

Deep Breaths!

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