Can I? Will We?

Here I am asking myself questions again today. There are ones that seem to find me often as I prepare for this trip. Sometimes the response come quickly from my heart, sometime my head takes time to think, and sometimes I don’t have an answer.

Can I do this trip? Am I capable to handle it? Will I be able make any impact? Will we inspire others? Are we enough?

I have often, as others on the trip also have found, bern asked “Are you getting excited?” and it’s a hard question to answer. Yes I am excited to stretch comfort levels and reach others with compassion and care, but amongst all that is self doubt and worry. Doubt about having enough skills, or experience, or being able to witness life so much different then I know, and then will I have enough love? Compassion? Understanding? Knowledge? Instincts? Truly Can I do the work we are setting out on this journey to do?

I feel all the feels as I contemplate these questions. And then a friend shared a post, one that fills my heart with hope, for Hope is what we need. And it’s simple truth tells me yes! We can! I can! Because we believed that we can, and we still believe that we will.

And then also I see another blessing, somehow in all this is a Team, an incredible team, a beautiful team of those standing side by side as we embark on the trip. And behind that team are amazing people who have supported us in many ways, and it’s because of all this, that we can believe. It’s because of people around us that support flowed through this past weekend at a fundraiser and again filled our hearts with hope and gratitude. Seeing all that was a joy to behold.

So as I prepare, I know it’s okay no matter the answers to my questions of doubt, that our hopes and beliefs come from the love inside and that we CAN do great things.

Leaving the questions behind, and looking to the path ahead.


Christa Duquette

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