Two Months Ahead

Days ahead I know are full, the list continues to grow and adjust and inside my head swirls with all the prep. There are moments I worry and fret, and rationalize to be calm, and there are moments I am in awe, often thinking why am I so blessed to be even thinking of this journey? But there is a voice inside my heart and the words read true…. You are capable of amazing things!

Put your heart out there and be grateful and thankful, and with some courage and hard work amazing things start to bloom. This picture was a beautiful reminder of all that has come together with this group and all that is yet to be.

This blossom is truly blooming and in two short months we will be making our way to the start of our trip. While the little details are yet to be sorted, I continue to ask for the biggest support from you all, to keep our team in your hearts and thoughts as we work to serve in a foreign culture and country. That we may share compassion and care as it shines forth in our actions and our smiles.

This journey ahead holds amazing things in many ways I am sure and as the days tick by on our countdown, I hope the words on my heart keep whispering their encouragement. And that all of you will also know how truly grateful I am.

❤️ Christa.

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