This Time Next Month

Woke up early this morning to sunshine that warmed my soul even though I longed for more sleep. I was really thankful for the warmth of the sun after this cold spring.

Sunshine renews me, it makes me smile, and warms me all over. I’m thankful for it and I enjoy the heat.

The sunshine will warm me one month from now too, but this time next month I’ll be seeking the renewal of the sunshine from Honduras in Central America.

We have been told it is rainy season in June also, but that there will be sunny periods and I will turn my face to the sun to replenish my heart as I prepare to serve others in need.

It is humbling to know that the same sun that warms our spring shines on them there too. We are just a small part in this world, but I hope my care and compassion will shine forward like the sun and warm those I meet.

One more month.


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