Thank You So Much

On this final day of this Facebook Fundraiser I want to say a really big THANK YOU! 🙌🙌

When I started this I couldn’t imagine that I’d be able to say that I’ve reached my goal!

Every single ounce of support in all its forms has been soooo appreciated!

I can reach out and share compassionate care to women in Honduras with Dar a Luz Honduras as I do here at home. For one week we will put our heart and soul into helping women who face very different circumstances and situations but who are beautiful mothers just like we know here.

Being able to do this work is an honour, being able to do this work internationally is a gift that is made possible by wonderful people like you!

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Second picture taken by Amber Bourret Photography!

If you’d like to continue learning about our group going in June please join the group Doulas on a mission.

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