Doulas on a Mission

In a few days my Fundraiser page will be finished, and I’m truly grateful for all the support in such a short period of time!

I want to Thank every single one of you who so much as read a post here and/or helped me raise funds to help pay for the cost of this trip! Every little bit of support has made this journey possible. 💖💖

As post from there will be closing but documenting this trip and whole journey would be wonderful, I have been working to set up a blog on my website and will share that with you all on the last day of this fundraiser.

Through all the support I have been given and opportunity to embark on a Humanitarian trip with 7 other incredible Doulas.

Melyssa Robertson

Laura Gauthier

Chelsea Bootsman

Jenn Hamborg

Kaitlyn Boese

Deanna Daniels

Shelby Lee

We Invite you to continue following along on our page Doulas on a mission for information about our Trip, Fundraisers and the Journey. And watch for information about the group Fundraiser coming up April 26th, 2018 in Red Deer.

Thank you so much for everything! I’m so very Thankful!

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