The Path

In the time since I’ve been home I’ve been thinking of the incredible experience of our trip to Honduras with Dar a Luz Honduras and this picture sticks out to me as I feel it represents our time there so well!

I set out on a path with an incredible group of women and we knew the path may be rough, and yet the path is oh so beautiful too!! We committed to continuing to put one foot in front of the other and keep going through all the ups and downs of our trip, both in and out of the hospital. My heart fills with pride at all the paths the other doulas walked: with the mamas as they laboured and we served with our hearts and hands, with each other as we grew individually and as a group.
Each story we learned of was unique and really truly inspiring. Every emotion we faced forging us into better doulas and friends.

We met young moms, single moms, staff, doctors, moms of multiples, moms who faced loss, experienced moms and first time moms who all did the same thing, continued to move forward on the journey and take it one step at a time. Their stories, their welcoming nature, their gratefulness, their heartbreak, their excitement, their sorrow, all those moments on this journey touching our hearts forever.

We met Silvia Bahr who is the founder of Dar a Luz Honduras and she has worked so hard, walking the path with many sacrifices to bring about such incredible and positive changes to maternal care ALL OVER Honduras, not just in Tegucigalpa and her commitment and her passion is very easy to see. She loves the women and families of Honduras, she works hard to bring education to Hospitals, she gives of her time for groups like ours to come share in the unique experience of doula work here and her commitment is inspirational! She is walking a rough path and for a brief time we all walked the path together.

This trip was truly incredible, a once in a lifetime experience that I long to try to do again though I don’t know if, when or how.

For today I hold this photo dear to me, because it speaks to my heart and all that we faced in such a short time. Thank you Honduras and Silvia with Dar a Luz for the opportunity to grow! This is a path I will look back on with great fondness as I know it has touched me in so many ways forever.


Photo by Spero: Pregnancy, Birth, & Doula

Chelsea Bootsman
Melyssa Bircham
Laura Gauthier
Kaitlyn Boese
Jenn Hamborg
Shelby Lee
Deanna Daniels
Christa Duquette

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