Many Moments

Moments that lay ahead,

Moments here and now,

Moments from the past.

Each moment carefully creating,

Sculpting and guiding the path of life.

The journey takes many twists and turns,

And our power lies not in the control,

But in the ability to let go & trust after all the details are in place.

For there are moments that can not be imagined, believed, or understood,

And there are moments so incredible,

That they simply leave us in awe!

In under a week I will take a moment to hold my family and give them all my love before I embark on a trip to serve others.

I will carry with me all the moments;

Moments with family, with clients, and moments yet to come. Moments that will encourage, remind and caution me.

I’m so thankful for all those moments because they have taught me so much, and today again I am recognizing the time for growth. For ahead are moments that will teach, captivate and inspire because they come from beyond me.

With all those moments I walk forward on the path of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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