Over the holidays I have been so grateful for the support for this mission trip fundraising!

I’ve had offers for support both with bags of bottles, a kind word, supplies donations
and monetary donations too!

🇭🇳 ✈️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ✈️ 🇭🇳

Which means I’ve made enough to book my flight next week!! I’m soooo thankful!

My next big expense is accommodations around $900-$1000.

I’ve got a bottle drive, a wine bingo, an epicure fundraiser, possibly a bellydance class and a few other ideas for getting to my goal! 💡 💡💡

💖 Thank you to Ray Ann, Shonnon, Lisa, Kevin and Rachelle, Greg and Martha, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Lyal, Tammy, Bonnie, Lindsay, Shannon, Amanda, Roseline, Mindy, Martina, Marcia and Ian, and my Parents!!

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