Felt by the Heart

In two short weeks a group of 8 including myself will be on route to Dar a Luz Honduras. The work will be beautiful and challenging and intense. We will be in a Spanish speaking country, but we trust that the work we will do will transcend language and be felt for it will come… Continue reading Felt by the Heart

This Time Next Month

Woke up early this morning to sunshine that warmed my soul even though I longed for more sleep. I was really thankful for the warmth of the sun after this cold spring. Sunshine renews me, it makes me smile, and warms me all over. I'm thankful for it and I enjoy the heat. The sunshine… Continue reading This Time Next Month

Goal Reached – THANK YOU!

As I sit here today and reflect over the last very busy week, I am overwhelmed by the support and validation of the work I do. This Humanitarian trip is a very special opportunity and I was not sure if it could become a reality. Because of the support of so many, myself and 8… Continue reading Goal Reached – THANK YOU!

Overwhelmed, overjoyed, nervous and all of the emotions!

Wow! Thank you! I am so blown away by the support I have received in a short time! Thanks to some incredible people I’m already over half way to my flight cost of $1500! Thank you to Crystal, Alana, Carissa, Lieke, Ayesha, Kevin, Charles and Ruth, Renee, and so many others who have offered support… Continue reading Overwhelmed, overjoyed, nervous and all of the emotions!